A DC Fable

Once there was a mouse named Fievel.

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I’m Fog Computing Right Now, Mostly Due to not Enough Coffee

The Wall Street Journal has an article up that is mostly about how Cisco has successfully pushed another ridiculous buzzword, but it’s worth examining this decentralization trend in cloud computing that’s been developing for years.

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Basis B1 Preview

This is pretty damn cool. I just have one concern. Read More »

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Unprofessional Reviews: The Retina iPad Mini

After a lot of soul-searching, agonizing, waffling, baconing, etc., this past Christmas I settled on an Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display — 16GB of storage, with T-Mobile LTE — and have mostly been very happy with the purchase (with a possibly deal-breaking caveat). I’ve wanted a tablet for a while now for a bunch of reasons. I have a BIG phone (a Galaxy Note II), but I can’t necessarily read books on it as comfortably as I’d like, and something the iPad Mini’s size has proven to be perfect for that kind of content as well as web browsing and lots of other stuff.

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Open Directory on OS X Server 10.9

users by .


“It looks like you’re trying to change a password. Would you like to:

  • Go screw yourself,
  • Take a flying leap,
  • Suck it?”

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Tools for Hopeless Tinkerers

If you’re a weirdo like me who runs Internet-facing services off his home internet connection, something like Monitor.us is invaluable.


Think you have an “always on” connection from RCN or Comcast? Think again!

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Let’s Suppose You’re Doing Desktop Image Development

VirtualBox Screenshot

Is there any reason whatsoever to pick any development environment other than VirtualBox?

  • Free
  • Shockingly feature-rich for free software
    • Full network boot support with the add-on pack
    • Full snapshot management
    • Great performance
  • Does everything you need it to do
  • Doesn’t complain if you don’t buy it dinner every week
  • Intuitive UI

I mean, really. Why waste your money on VMware Workstation for this?

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This Is Why I Love T-Mobile

I’ve probably subjected most of you at one point or another to a rant about one of two things (very likely, both):

  • T-Mobile is the only pro-consumer cellular carrier in the United States
  • It is enormously important for “mere mortals,” that is, non-developers, to retain control in a “final word” sense over what happens on the handsets (and computers) which they buy and then connect via LAN or cellular network to the world-wide internet

These are related concepts. Here’s a bit about the first one: ┬áJohn Legere, the CEO of T-Mobile, has been doing a lot of disruptive stuff in the cellular carrier space lately, which he’s labeled in aggregate his “Uncarrier” program. He’s decoupled cellular service from cellular handsets, meaning that T-Mobile no longer has contracts — the cost of your phone is simply amortized onto your bill over a number of months, or you can buy the whole thing outright and pay less than you would on, say, Verizon, immediately. He’s ended all attempts by the carrier to “control the experience” on smartphones. There’s more, a lot more, including his delightfully profane answer to AT&T’s “we’ll bribe you to sign a contract with us” stuff, visible here.

At some point I’ll write up my little cellular manifesto about consumer control of smartphones, but for now, read that link and be grateful at least one company is thinking outside the box.

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You’re… Welcome… Norway?



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