Apple Device Management Partnership with IBM Appears to be Getting Real™

So, a few months ago we saw this story crop up and hoped it meant that maybe IBM was going to help Apple get serious about enterprise services:


Sure enough, something seems to have been in the works. IBM is now going to run a soup-to-nuts, ordering-through-provisioning-through-deployment-through-management whole-enterprise solution for Macs and iOS devices. The management portion will be done through Casper with a bunch of IBM tweaks (and, it sounds like, IBM cloud hosting).

How do we know they’re serious about this? Here’s my favorite pull-quote:
“Today’s news comes after an internal video of IBM chief information officer Jeff Smith that leaked late last week, in which Smith told employees that the company could end up purchasing 150,000-200,000 Macs annually, significantly more than the original estimate of 50,000 Macs deployed through the end of the year announced in internal memo earlier in the year. IBM has told Apple it expects the initiative could eventually see 50-75 percent of IBM employees switching over to Mac from the company-standard Lenovo computers used at IBM.”
Holy sweet mother of Jobs, that is a lot of freaking Macs. I guess this is what happens when IBM decides to spin off its computer division.

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