Sometimes, you just decide it’s time to pull the trigger on something. So then you do it.


What is going on?

Well, I’ve decided to start a small business here in the Eastern bit of Capital Hill.

What? When did this become a thing? Since when are you a “businessman?”

Since approximately ten minutes ago, I guess. Really what this is about is seeing a gap in this area in terms of there being technical people willing to bend their skills to solving folks’ problems. From a personal computing standpoint, the Best Buy is off in Columbia Heights (and hasn’t ever been a good option for, well, anyone). From a small business perspective, there’s a lot of… nothing, really. So let’s jump into this market inefficiency!

One major thing I’ve noticed lately is that the market for upgrades seems to be almost completely untouched. Lots of people have computers already that they just get incredibly frustrated with, not knowing that just a few changes could supercharge their machines and extend their useful life by as much as three to four years. This is a big deal in an economy where everyone is trying to cut costs.

What do you think you have to offer anyway, MISTER?

Jeez, you don’t have to get so aggressive. I’ve got 18 years of computing experience under my belt, probably way too much education, a lot of connections to the right people, and a lot of intellectual curiosity that I can bend to the advantage of anyone who’d like to pay me a modest amount of money to use it. Let’s do this!

Sorry I got a little carried away there. OK, so what are Notre Dame’s chances of making it to six wins undefeated?

Georgia Tech, Clemson and USC are going to be rough, and Navy isn’t exactly a pushover. But if the play coming from the front seven that we saw in South Bend against Texas continues, the secondary keeps locking down every pass route receivers try to run, and Malik Zaire keeps playing like some kind of pigskin-infused X-Man, well–

Wait, wasn’t this post about starting a business?

3 thoughts on “Launch!”

  1. Typical Millennial attention span 🙂

    Sounds like you’ve got a lot of good reasons to enter the market and it sounds like you’re going about it the right way. I’m only sorry you’re way the heck out there in DC: I’d love to jump on board.

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