Help Me DevOps Myself?

So, I’m teaching myself Node, and writing and running all of the code on the webserver I run at home. This requires two things when I work: a fast internet connection, and selection of only one text editor — TextWrangler is the only one I’ve found with built-in SFTP support on Macs.

The internet connection bit is fine, as far as it goes. I dislike running local environments where I’m connecting from my laptop’s browser to localhost. It just bugs me. So, what’s a better way to do this? Initialize a Github repository for each project and do a git push on my laptop and a git checkout on the server every time I want to test code? That seems … un-fast. Thoughts?


Sometimes, you just decide it’s time to pull the trigger on something. So then you do it.

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Apple Device Management Partnership with IBM Appears to be Getting Real™

So, a few months ago we saw this story crop up and hoped it meant that maybe IBM was going to help Apple get serious about enterprise services:


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Consumption Laundering

This is a delightful read because it is one of those things where your brain oscillates back and forth between thinking you’re being trolled and realizing the author is dead serious. There’s some useful stuff in here — on some level he’s advocating for decentralized power generation and the elimination of thermodynamic energy loss, which is great — but a lot of it is, as one of the commenters put it, consumption laundering.