Lock Your Mac’s Screen with a REALLY Old Keyboard

First of all: shut up. I will surrender this thing when I am dead.


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The “Death of the Web?”

I am usually the first one to be paranoid about changes in the structure of the Internet leading to less freedom, but this guy has managed to post a whole lot of words on a highly successful service explicitly devoted to countering the phenomenon he’s talking about. It’s like posting your photos on Pinterest or Instagram and worrying that no one cares about photography anymore.

We’re Back!

Lessons learned:

  1. Don’t use RAID0. Even if you “like, totally intended to put it on a real RAID at some point.” Just don’t do it. USB3 RAID enclosures are cheap, fast, and keep your data safe.
  2. That backup plan you worked on that kept falling through? WORK HARDER.
  3. Did I mention not to use RAID0?