Reticulum’s rates are competitive with any “big box” store’s tech support fees, and we add a personal touch unavailable from a “squad” of any type in white shirts and clip-on ties!

All of our work is performed in-home or remotely, compared to the white shirt folks who charge higher rates for in-home service and otherwise require you to bring your computer into their store.

  • Diagnosis: $35 (Compare at $69.99, $169.99 in-home)
  • Diagnosis and repair: $75/hr – pro-rated by 1/2 hour after the first hour (Compare at $200, $300 in-home)
  • Computer setup: $75 flat
  • Network setup: $100 flat, $150 including one computer
  • Hardware performance upgrade: $100 + parts (typically $100-150 in parts depending on the computer)

Contact us today at info@reticulum.us!